Experiencing the Pirates Boat Trip is ESSENTIAL for all our guests in Djerba Island!

Join us in an exclusive boat trip and feel the thrill of being a Pirate ! YOUR ship is waiting for you to be its SAILOR !

Flamingo Island Port :

Sea Trip on Vintage Pirate Boat To Flamingo Island

Sea Trip on Vintage Pirate Boats to The Natural Flamingo Island (Rass Rmal)



Sea Trip:

A sea trip on a vintage pirate boat from the Marina Houmt Souk port to  Flamingo Island (Rass Rmal).

The trip will start around 9am sailing from the Marina port to our destination which we should reach around 10am. During this trip you will enjoy a show presented by professional pirate performers and special music to enhance the experience.

At our arrival , it’s the time to submerge into the holy waters of Rass Rmal and enjoy your time on the beach while our chefs prepare your lunch. At 12 noon you will enjoy our Djerbian cuisine; couscous, fresh grilled fish and crab, vegetable salad, brik (Tunsian fried side dish), watermelon and sweet tea.

But it’s not over : lots of fun and games are awaiting for you on the all-natural Flamingo Island .

You will enjoy yet another performance on our way home to Marina port (estimated arrival time would be at 2pm).


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